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Claims process is easy

I have not had issues with the service at all, the claim process is easy and fast and I recommend Rogz Pet Insurance daily to friends and family.

Anandi, 23 May 2016

Claims handled promptly

I have been a happy Rogz Pet Insurance customer since March 2014 and regularly recommend it to fellow pet owners. Every claim I've submitted has been handled promptly and efficiently, and I have never had to wait long to be reimbursed for a claim. I was also super impressed when they announced that their 2016 fees would remain the same as their 2015 rates!

Desiree, 23 May 2016

Efficiently administered

Rogz Pet Insurance is administered in a very efficient manner. There is a high level of communication and claims are dealt with quickly. It is reassuring to know that cover will be in place should something serious happen.

Michael, 23 May 2016

Outstanding Service

After adopting an adult cat, I chose Rogz Pet Insurance as their policy is detailed, they cover a wide range of possible health issues including routine care , are competitively priced and another plus for me was they "pay it forward" with their meal donation rewards program. I have received outstanding service from Rogz Pet Insurance, found them to be professional, helpful and their staff are friendly. I recommended Rogz Insurance to everyone as is completely worth it!

Abigail, 09 June 2014

Very good service!

Hi Rogz Team I would like to thank everyone who has assisted me thus far. Every time I have an enquiry, I always get a speedy answer back. Signing my puppy Cooper up for insurance was so simple and easy, especially with the help from the Rogz Pet Insurance team. Keep up the good work!

Leona, 22 April 2014

Very pleased with our refund

We sent in a claim for our cat who sustained a laceration, and we were so pleased with the refund. It is definitely worth having pet insurance! In these difficult financial times, it gives us peace of mind to know we can give the best care possible to our precious pets.

Paula, 19 March 2014

Exceptional Service

The service so far has been exceptional and I’m more than happy with the staff and the services I have received! I will definitely be recommending Rogz Pet Insurance to all pet owners. We are kept up to date with monthly newsletters and prompt reimbursements on claims made. Thank you!

Linda L, 11 February 2014

Outstanding Service

We love Rogz Pet Insurance! From the first day, Rogz Pet Insurance communicated clearly, personally and the service was outstanding. My dog even got a "welcome on board" toy which she adores! With our first claim now being settled quickly and effortlessly, i will gladly recommend Rogz Pet Insurance to anyone who owns a pet!

Yolanda, 11 February 2014

Friendly client support

I would recommend anyone to Rogz Pet Insurance; I found their client support to be friendly and accommodating when they handled my issue. They sorted it out immediately, keeping me updated the whole time by email and by phone in their friendly way! Keep it up Rogz Pet Insurance!

Linda J, 10 February 2014

Thank you for all the help!

When I found out that Randall had bone cancer and had to have his right front leg amputated, I was absolutely devastated for my big boy. However, the operation was a success and we seem to have caught the cancer before it spread. Randall is now one leg short, but is happier than ever, now that the pain from the tumour is gone. The financial support from Rogz Pet Insurance has made this difficult time much more manageable and I would like to thank the team so much for all their help!

Samanta, 22 October 2013

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