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Paw-some Protection

Rogz Pet Insurance offers comprehensive cover for
Accident, Illness, Routine and Dental Care to suit your
fur-baby’s needs.

Why do I need Rogz Pet Insurance?

Protect your pet

Your pet deserves quality cover for those unforeseen circumstances, just like you do!

Save on vet bills

Veterinary costs are high and serious procedures can cost a lot of money.

Keep your pet healthy

Support your pet's right to better health care with Rogz Pet Insurance.

Paw-some protection from only R85pm*

A word from our happy pet parents

Patrick, 22 July 2013
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Very impressed with service
We are very impressed with Rogz Pet Insurance's service! Both our cats unfortunately had to see the vet since we joined this year; however all our queries were handled professionally, and our claims paid out timeously. We will definitely recommend anyone with pets to be on this pet insurance. It's well worth it to be on given the cost of vet care today and how unexpectedly things can happen with pets.
Samantha, 12 June 2013
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Fantastic level of service
Rogz has always been one of my favorite brands therefore I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that they now deal with Pet Insurance and are very competitively priced. I asked for a quote online and received an answer within the hour! No-one phoned me to harass me regarding my choice and when we were ready I simply dropped them a mail and the rest was done effortlessly online. Keep up the great work!
Isabelle, 20 May 2013
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Very happy
This is our first claim and what can we say? The process is a breeze and I don’t understand why people don’t have this type of insurance for their pets. The paperwork is very easy to complete and very easy to follow; the money is paid back into your bank account. What could be simpler. So far we are very happy with Rogz Pet Insurance
Elize, 23 April 2013
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Delighted with the service
From the very first contact with Rogz Pet Insurance, I have been delighted with the service. Simba was welcomed with a very nice toy which he can call his own.I was kept well informed all the way about your services and claims procedures, and the staff was extremely helpful. Thanks for making us feel part of your family!
Edmond, 23 April 2013
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Pleasant experience
My experience with Rogz Pet Insurance, including the online purchasing process and my first claim, has been very pleasant. I could find all the information on the website and the claims consultant also contacted me timeously to get information from me for my claims application.
Gelle, 19 April 2013
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Great Service
Great service, thanks so much! I was really surprised how quickly you pay the claims back.
Lindi, 19 April 2013
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Excellent Service
The service with registering was quick and easy. The email feedback was friendly, eager to please and very effective. So far enjoying the service and the fact that I am covered gives me peace of mind. And I even got a nice welcome gift that my furkidz can enjoy. Thank you for the excellent service, hoping to work well together in the future.
Charnelle, 18 April 2013
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Best thing we could have done
We have had Max (our beloved Husky) covered by Rogz Pet Insurance since January 2013. We have been fortunate so far that Max has not fallen ill or even worse, but it is still very comforting to know that if anything should happen to him, he is covered. It really is the best thing we could have done for Max. We are even contemplating getting insurance for all our animals.
Nichelle, 18 April 2013
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Great Customer Service
Uber impressed with your service! I was trying to apply for a quote, but with internet issues, lost my place and had to start again. The live chat button jumped to my attention and i typed a quick request. Guess what? Someone answered. Instantly. Before I knew it, I had a quote in my inbox. Even when I needed it adjusted, it only took mere seconds to update. If a : ) via chat were to be translated, it would be a friendly voice indeed. Thanks Rogz!
Travis & Heloise, 17 April 2013
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Efficient and personal
Rogz Pet Insurance handles our claims and queries efficiently and with a surprising personal approach. We have peace of mind, knowing our Basset Betty has premium cover for almost every eventuality.
Anandi, 23 May 2016
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Claims process is easy
I have not had issues with the service at all, the claim process is easy and fast and I recommend Rogz Pet Insurance daily to friends and family.
Desiree, 23 May 2016
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Claims handled promptly
I have been a happy Rogz Pet Insurance customer since March 2014 and regularly recommend it to fellow pet owners. Every claim I've submitted has been handled promptly and efficiently, and I have never had to wait long to be reimbursed for a claim. I was also super impressed when they announced that their 2016 fees would remain the same as their 2015 rates!
Michael, 23 May 2016
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Efficiently administered
Rogz Pet Insurance is administered in a very efficient manner. There is a high level of communication and claims are dealt with quickly. It is reassuring to know that cover will be in place should something serious happen.
Abigail, 09 June 2014
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Outstanding Service
After adopting an adult cat, I chose Rogz Pet Insurance as their policy is detailed, they cover a wide range of possible health issues including routine care , are competitively priced and another plus for me was they "pay it forward" with their meal donation rewards program. I have received outstanding service from Rogz Pet Insurance, found them to be professional, helpful and their staff are friendly. I recommended Rogz Insurance to everyone as is completely worth it!
Leona, 22 April 2014
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Very good service!
Hi Rogz Team I would like to thank everyone who has assisted me thus far. Every time I have an enquiry, I always get a speedy answer back. Signing my puppy Cooper up for insurance was so simple and easy, especially with the help from the Rogz Pet Insurance team. Keep up the good work!
Paula, 19 March 2014
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Very pleased with our refund
We sent in a claim for our cat who sustained a laceration, and we were so pleased with the refund. It is definitely worth having pet insurance! In these difficult financial times, it gives us peace of mind to know we can give the best care possible to our precious pets.
Linda L, 11 February 2014
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Exceptional Service
The service so far has been exceptional and I’m more than happy with the staff and the services I have received! I will definitely be recommending Rogz Pet Insurance to all pet owners. We are kept up to date with monthly newsletters and prompt reimbursements on claims made. Thank you!
Yolanda, 11 February 2014
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Outstanding Service
We love Rogz Pet Insurance! From the first day, Rogz Pet Insurance communicated clearly, personally and the service was outstanding. My dog even got a "welcome on board" toy which she adores! With our first claim now being settled quickly and effortlessly, i will gladly recommend Rogz Pet Insurance to anyone who owns a pet!
Linda J, 10 February 2014
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Friendly client support
I would recommend anyone to Rogz Pet Insurance; I found their client support to be friendly and accommodating when they handled my issue. They sorted it out immediately, keeping me updated the whole time by email and by phone in their friendly way! Keep it up Rogz Pet Insurance!
Samanta, 22 October 2013
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Thank you for all the help!
When I found out that Randall had bone cancer and had to have his right front leg amputated, I was absolutely devastated for my big boy. However, the operation was a success and we seem to have caught the cancer before it spread. Randall is now one leg short, but is happier than ever, now that the pain from the tumour is gone. The financial support from Rogz Pet Insurance has made this difficult time much more manageable and I would like to thank the team so much for all their help!
Marie, 19 June 2017
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Fantastic product
I have been with Rogz Pet Insurance for about 5 years now and have been nothing but satisfied. It gives me tremendous peace of mind knowing my precious pets are covered should a medical emergency arise. Thank you for a fantastic product.
Amanda, 24 May 2016
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Very happy
You're a star! Thank you Rogz Pet Insurance!
Elzabe, 24 May 2016
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They go the extra mile
I have had a very good experience with Rogz Pet Insurance. The don't have any issues regarding one's claims and they make very prompt payments. They go the extra mile by sending insightful emails regarding the care of one's animal and they even wish them a happy birthday on their birthdays. I am very happy to be part of Rogz Pet Insurance and would refer them to anyone.
Jo, 24 May 2016
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Very professional
Joining Rogz Pet Insurance is the wisest thing I would ever do for my furry babies! I have recommended Rogz Pet Insurance to everyone of my friends. Your teams in sales, admin and claims have always replied to my queries promptly with utmost professionalism. You have set the bar for customer service!
Ian, 24 May 2016
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Claims system is very simple
The claims system is very simple and no claim has ever gone astray. All my claims have been paid within three weeks. It is nice to know that Rogz Pet Insurance is there if ever anything serious should happen to my friend and companion.
Adele, 24 May 2016
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Experience has been great
My experience with Rogz Pet Insurance has been nothing but great. The one time I needed you, you were there!! I am grateful to Rogz Pet Insurance!
Mischa, 23 May 2016
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Friendly and efficient
Rogz Pet Insurance is a friendly and efficient service provider. I sleep better at night knowing that my furbabies are in good care. It is a pleasure to work with a service provider that ensures my claims and administrative tasks are not a hassle.
Damien, 23 May 2016
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Happy with the service
I have been happy with the experience; the annual vaccinations cover is a good addition to the plan my pet is on. It is also great receiving newsletters with tips and guides each month.
Juliann, 23 May 2016
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Peace of Mind
My dogs have been insured for two years now, a decision made after my dog Chino (Jack Russell) killed a poisonous toad and nearly lost his life. Roxy, (Daschund x Jack Russell) contracted gastroenteritis and had to be rushed to the vet on a Sunday morning and had to be admitted. I submitted my claim and it was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Thank you for giving us peace of mind as emergency vet bills can run into the thousands.
Hanthea, 26 October 2020
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Very Impressed!
Chewee actually had both patellas repaired, in June last year and most recently January this year. We were very impressed and happy with the way Rogz handled both claims.
Elmien, 20 October 2020
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Wonderful Service
I went away for the weekend and when I got back home I noticed a chewed up razor in Dexter and Bella’s doggy bed. I took them both through to the vet to get checked out. Bella’s x-rays came back clear but we found the foreign body in Dex’s tummy. We eventually had to operate to remove the bits. It was a long recovery, but very happy to report that he has made a full recovery and is back to his normal happy self.
Danette, 13 October 2020
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Our boy has been through so much since May this year. He had to get his first back surgery in May and has had subsequent surgeries in June as well as September. He is doing well after the last surgery, and we have him on crate rest in order to assist with his recovery and we have started physiotherapy again.
Leandi, 17 January 2019
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Fantastic Customer Service
Hi Rogz Team, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the superb service I have received over the past few weeks in handling my claims. Elvis has been incredibly sick and at times we were concerned he wasn’t going to pull through all of this. Without your fantastic customer service this would have been a much more difficult process. Thank you. Without you my boy wouldn’t still be here today.
Carla, 04 May 2018
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Super impressed!
Super impressed with you guys so far. Only been a member for a few months and have had 2 unexpected vet bills in quick succession. Very impressed with how they have been handled and the communication and explanations given. Choosing a pet insurance company was tricky but I’m glad I signed up with you.
Natalie, 20 June 2017
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Friendly, efficient service
I have been with Rogz Pet Insurance since 2013, and up to now I have had friendly, efficient service. My claims always get paid in the proper time, and I highly appreciate the kind service I received when one of my pets died in 2016.
Hylie, 20 June 2017
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Satisfied with the service
I am really satisfied with the service at Rogz Pet Insurance. I always get a very quick response to my questions and for me it is an assurance to know that they are there when something happens to my dog, like the day he was bitten by two other dogs. I am really thankful.
Elize, 19 June 2017
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Wonderful service
I would really like to thank Rogz Pet Insurance for the wonderful service I received for my two beagles this past 4 years. Every time I put in a claim, I receive my claim response within 2 weeks, no problem at all. I never had a claim turned down. It is absolutely worth every cent I pay in premiums. I do not have to worry when my doggies get sick or injured, I know I am able to give them the necessary health care they need. After all….they are my children. Thank you so so much.