Festive Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Whilst we are all gearing up for the festive season, holiday time can present its own set of challenges for our four-legged friends. Keep them safe with the following holiday tips:

1. Decorations and Plants
  • If you have a Christmas tree in your home, make sure that it is secure to prevent it falling over should your dog or cat bump into it.
  • Decorations such as tinsel and ornaments can be problematic as they can cause intestinal obstruction if your pet ingests them.

  • Keep wires and batteries out of paws’ reach as wires can cause electrocution and a punctured battery can cause nasty burns to your pet’s mouth and oesophagus.

  • Candles must not be left unsupervised as they can cause burns and potential fires if knocked over.
  • Remember some holiday plants such as holly, mistletoe and lilies are toxic to dogs and cats.

2. Food Dangers

Many holiday foods can cause serious digestive issues with our pets.

  • Chocolate, xylitol (found in many sweets and baked goods) as well as grapes, raisins (found in Christmas cakes and fruit mince pies), onions and garlic are toxic to pets.

  • Do not feed your pet table scraps as some of these holiday foods can be fatty and spicy which can cause digestive upset.
  • Ensure you do not leave alcoholic beverages unattended, and make sure they are out of your pet’s reach as alcohol can cause dangerous drops in blood sugar, blood pressure, and body temperature, as well as potential respiratory failure.


3. Make it a safe holiday gathering

It’s essential that you provide your furry friend with a safe place they can retreat to, away from guests and all the noise and bustle. If possible, keep them in a separate room, ensuring they have access to fresh water, food, as well as their toys and bed. Don’t forget to check up on them regularly.

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Image credit: https://bit.ly/3OIA75P via Freepik.com

From all of us at Rogz Pet Insurance, we would like to wish you and your furry family a blessed holiday!