Safety Tips for Camping with Dogs

It’s almost holiday time, and many of us will be venturing outdoors to spend some quality time in nature. Camping can be a fun way for both you and your fur-bestie to enjoy a wilderness adventure together. The following tips will help make your camping trip both safe and fun!

Plan Your Trip

Ensure you reserve your campsite in time, and check in advance what their policy is regarding bringing pets with.

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Take The Right Gear

Some essentials when planning a trip include a durable, sturdy harness, a dog bed as well as food and water bowls. Rogz has an amazing selection of harnesses, beds and accessories to choose from:

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It can be easy for your furry friend to become overwhelmed with all the new sights and sounds that they wander off. Ensure they are either microchipped, or have a collar and ID tag to identify them should they get lost.

Visit the Vet

Before embarking on a camping trip, take your furry friend to the vet and make sure their vaccinations are up to date. It’s also beneficial that preventative treatments are given for ticks, fleas and worms.

Food & Water

Try to keep your dog’s diet as close to normal as possible whilst you are away. This means taking along their regular food, as well as additional bottled water in case. Always ensure you have access to fresh, cleaning drinking water.

First Aid Kit

In addition to the basic first aid supplies, take along items that your canine friend may need such as gauze, rubbing alcohol and tape in case of any physical injuries. An antibiotic ointment is a handy extra to have, that you can get from your veterinarian.

Take Extra Towels and Blankets

If your fur-bestie plans on swimming, it helps to take along some extra towels with to dry him off with. Extra blankets will come in handy at night time when temperatures drop.

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Keep Your Pet Close By

Never let your pet out of your sight whilst camping as a new environment can cause them to behave differently and become disoriented. You don’t know how your dog will respond to being around other people and animals. It’s also good to be mindful of other critters that you may come across in the wild such as porcupines or snakes.

Here’s to safe, happy camping trips!