Things Only Cat Owners will Understand

They can be affectionate and funny, yet aloof and mysterious. That’s cats for you! But every cat owner will understand at least one of these things because it’s the joys that come with cat ownership!

You’re never not covered in cat hair

In the beginning you will resort to the famous lint roller, then avoid wearing dark clothes altogether. Let’s face it, your kitty just wants to come with you everywhere, so give up on the idea of having cat hair free clothing!

You’ve stopped putting any item on any surface

Cats love to knock things off counters and desks. It’s just in their quirky nature to keep us on our toes and to get the attention that they demand! Thinking of having a nice vase of flowers on the kitchen counter? Left your phone on your desk? If it’s in paw’s reach you can be guaranteed it won’t be where you left it!

You have to hide the toilet paper from your cat

Some, if not most cats, have an unusual fascination with toilet rolls. The more they can unroll or shred it into massive swaths on the bathroom floor, the better. Make sure you hide it or close the bathroom door!

Cats sleep all the time.. well except between 4am and 6am

You’re in blissful dreamland when suddenly you’re woken up to the noise of manic sprinting around the house, resulting in a massive leap up onto your bed and some undecipherable kitty chatter. It goes something like this … “Meoooowwwww” which translates briefly to “Human… it’s food time! Up you get!”. Remember there is no snooze button for cats… and this is the way their biological clocks are wired!

Your cat prefers a cardboard box to his expensive bed

Ah yes, it’s the simple things in life that are the best! And that’s just how our cats see it! Buy them a nice expensive cosy bed and they aren’t interested in the slightest. Put an empty cardboard box on the floor, and it’s like a lure… and voila! They have found their new permanent home!

Cats have no sense of personal space

Ever tried going to the bathroom and closing the door, only to hear the frantic scratching at the door, whining and protesting at the audacity of being shut out. Try sharing a couch with a cat who has no personal space boundaries and lies across the width of it whilst you sit perched on the corner edge? Tried working from home where your laptop becomes your cat’s new favourite sleeping place and personal heater? Cats just love showing you love, but they always need to remind you who is in charge!

Your cat is the boss

Let’s face it. Cats are the masters and we mere mortal humans are their servants. That is just the way they like it, and we need to get used to it!

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