Fun Ways to Exercise with your Dog

Exercise provides necessary physical and mental stimulation for your furry canine friend. Not only is it a great way for you both to stay fit and healthy, but it also provides a perfect bonding opportunity.

Safety First

A few things to remember when starting out a new exercise routine with your furry friend:

  • Start out gradually and build up your dog’s endurance
  • Avoid outdoor activities in very hot weather and always provide fresh cool water for them to drink along the way
  • If your dog shows signs of being tired, slow down or stop whatever activity you were busy with
  • Pay attention for signs of heat exhaustion such as heavy panting, disorientation or stopping to lie die during activities
  • Be sure to get the right gear for your pet to make their time outdoors safe and fun. Check out the wide range of Rogz collars, leads and harnesses here.

This is a gentle form of exercise for your furry friend and a great way for him to explore the world around him! Try changing up your walking route so that he can see and experience new things each time he goes outdoors.

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Some dogs love this, whilst some just can’t tolerate this type of exercise. You can try running with your dog using a hands-free leash like this one from Rogz.

Start out slowly and work your way up to faster speeds and more distance. Be careful not to run during hot weather, and be aware to avoid tar surfaces during the hottest parts of the day as these can burn your dog’s paw pads. It is preferable to go out early in the morning or later in the evening when it is cooler.

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If done correctly, this can be a fun way to exercise with your canine best friend! It’s important for him to get used to your bike and then letting him run and keep up with you as you cycle. Start off slowly and ensure that they are leashed whilst you cycle.


Nothing is more satisfying and relaxing as exploring nature with your furry friend! Start out with short hikes on cooler days before tackling more difficult hiking trails.

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Not all dogs can swim, but if you have a water baby, swimming can be a great way to exercise and stay cool! Add in a few water toys like the Rogz Lighthouse Fetch Toy and watch your furry friend have tons of fun!

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Dog Sports

There are many new dog sports that you can try with your canine bestie, from dog agility, canine freestyle, dock jumping, flyball, herding and tracking. Remember to do your research to find out which one would be the best fit for your dog.

There you have it! With your furry friend as your training partner, who says exercise can’t be fun!