Signs Your Cat Loves You

When we think about cats, words such as mysterious and independent come to mind, but just like our canine furry friends, cats can and do develop strong bonds with their human family! Nurturing a trusting relationship with your cat can be a very rewarding experience, and can encourage them to be more affectionate with you!

Does Your Cat Love You?

Each cat is unique with their own personality and quirks, but some general signs that they share a strong bond with you include:

  • Following you around. What’s to say other than they enjoy your company and want to be where you are!
  • Headbutting or bunting is when they rub their head against you, and is a sign of affection. Cheek rubs also indicate affection, as they get to rub their scent on you and claim you as theirs!
  • Slow blinking shows they are happy and comfortable around you.

  • Cuddling and “biscuit making” or kneading shows that your feline furry friend is content with sharing their personal space with you.
  • Certain tail positions signal if your cat is happy. Do they wrap their tail around you? This is a trusting gesture. A question mark tail means they are happy, and a tall upright tail is a sign of contentment and friendliness!
  • Listen to the sounds your cat makes when you are around. Happy cat sounds include purring and meowing!
  • Grooming. Are you on the receiving end of their sandpaper kisses? If your cat licks or grooms you, this indicates love and trust!
  • Displaying their belly to you. Now we don’t recommend giving them a belly rub if they do this (or do so at your own peril) but if your cat presents their belly to you, it is usually a sign that they are comfortable in your presence and that they trust you.

So there you have it… although cats have subtle ways of communicating, if you spot some of these signs, then be rest assured that you have the admiration and love of your feline furry friend!