Springtime Safety Tips for our Furry Friends

Spring has sprung in South Africa, and with it the promise of warmer weather, longer days and more time spent outdoors! Whilst we may look forward to the change in season, spring can present certain dangers to our four-legged friends. Help to keep them safe with the following pet safety tips:

1. Spring Cleaning

Out with the old, in with the new! Spring time is associated with de-cluttering and cleaning our living spaces, but did you know that some cleaning products, even those labelled “natural” can be harmful to our pets? Always check the label, and if in doubt, speak to your veterinarian about pet-friendly products you can use to clean your home. When you are spring cleaning, also remember to keep your pets secure and out of reach of all cleaning products.

2. Plants and Flowers

Think of springtime and images of beautiful, blooming flowers and luscious gardens comes to mind, but there are many plants that can pose a danger to our pets. Read our previous blog post on some common flowers and plants that can be problematic for our furry friends.

3. Springtime Allergies

Many pets have allergies to plants and pollen, especially during spring. Keep a lookout for symptoms of seasonal allergies such as scratching or biting, inflamed or infected skin, excessive shedding, paw licking, ear infections or a runny nose and watery eyes. If you think your pet might have a seasonal allergy, speak to your veterinarian about treatment options.

4. Parasites

As your furry friends start to spend more time outdoors, remember to keep them up to date with proper preventative flea, tick and deworming care. This is also a good time to ensure their vaccinations are up to date and that they are microchipped or wearing a tag with all their contact information when they venture outdoors.

5. Outdoor Injuries

During the cold winter months, most pets are less active. Be sure to ease your furry friends gently into the new season with some form of gentle exercise such as walking. Start them out slow and build up their activity levels as they get fitter; this will also help to prevent exercise related injuries.